Thursday, February 21, 2013

How To Charge Your Kindle Fire For The Best Results

Previously, Kindle Support home-screen had a Kindle Touch picture on it saying that there's a new software update for it. Well, now, Amazon changed it to a Kindle Fire HD, with a message on the side saying how to charge it for the best result. That's where this post comes in. Since I don't own a Kindle Fire HD, it's up to you all to try it to see if it's really effective.

The fastest method: use Amazon's PowerFast Charger. It costs $19.99 and looks like a small black brick. Why do I get the feeling that almost all USB power adapters look like a small colored brick? Anyway, as the name suggests, it charges Kindle Fires, and Kindle Fires only, faster. To make it even better, turn your Kindle Fire HD off while charging. Below is the approximate time it takes to have your device on full battery using this method:
  • Kindle Fire 2nd Generation: Fully charges in 3.3 hours
  • Kindle Fire HD 7": Fully charges in under 4 hours
  • Kindle Fire HD 8.9": Fully charges in under 5 hours

The second method is to use a normal USB power adapter. You can use any chargers that you like and the charge time is the same, no matter if it's manufactured by Amazon, Apple or Samsung. Now, here's the funny part. On the "About Charging Your Kindle Fire" page, it shows a Amazon-manufactured USB power adapter. I've checked both the prices of the PowerFast charger and the normal charger, which is the same, exactly $19.99. Who doesn't want a better product for the same price? Seriously Amazon, you better fix your prices well. Charge time will depend on the adapter and device.

The last and slowest method is to charge your device with a computer. Besides, this method is also troublesome, as it has some requirements:
  • Your computer is on and not asleep.
  • Your computer is connected to a power outlet.
  • Your Kindle Fire is set to sleep mode or shut down (the power is off). If your Kindle is on, it will not charge adequately.
And the charge time for this method is outrageous, as such:
  • Kindle Fire 2nd Generation: Fully charges in under 5 hours
  • Kindle Fire HD 7": Charges in approximately 13.5 hours
  • Kindle Fire HD 8.9": Charges in under 14 hours

Oh, one more thing. The Kindle Fire HD has no charge indicator light but it will still charge even when it's turned off. I hope that this guide could be useful to you. For more information, you can visit this Amazon page. For those who had tested out these methods, please feel free to leave a comment below to tell us what's your opinion.

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